Quality Refreshments as an Employee Retention Strategy

Many employers are suffering through the Great Resignation, making employee retention difficult. During these times, workforce managers often cite employee turnover as their biggest concern. Recruiting and training new employees is expensive for a business because it takes time, money, and resources. An organization's performance can also be adversely affected by high turnover, as it becomes increasingly difficult to retain skilled employees. Now is the time to focus on employee turnover and retention.

Maintaining employee satisfaction is key to retaining employees in every organization. As part of your overall retention strategy, you should consider your approach to workplace food and beverage options for staff. In the end, improved retention offers many benefits to your company:

  • Enhanced workplace culture
  • Boost employee morale
  • Reducing the cost of hiring and training new employees
  • Employee-driven innovation
  • Productivity and revenue are increased
  • Improves the customer experience
Providing quality refreshments to your staff improves the workplace environment and is a surefire way to improve retention. Here are a few good ideas for using refreshment services to reduce turnover.

Make your break room more like a café

By using the analogy of your breakroom as a café, you are creating a space for employee to engage together. A micro-market solution is the perfect way to encourage to stay on-site and bond together. By employees spending their lunch time with each other instead of leaving separately, you are creating a more positive and work environment that will benefit the company in the long run.

Grab-and-Go (back to being productive)

Give your employees free refreshments they need to keep the happy and productive! Through Trolley House Refreshments Pantry Services, you can prove to your staff that their hard work is appreciated and valued. Offering free refreshments in the office space will create a positive work environment and including healthy options will ensure your employees are more productive and firing on all cylinders.

Offering refreshments should be part of every business’s retention program during The Great Resignation. This cost-effective strategy is one of the most tangible and visual ways to truly show your employees that they are valued and appreciated. If an employee feels as if their company cares about them, they are sure to be more productive, innovative, and positive about their workplace.

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