The Impact a Micro Market Can Have on Your Business

More and more workplaces are adopting micro markets, something that many people wouldn’t have expected a decade ago. However, with technology becoming more and more reliable, consumer behavior is changing quickly and micro market adoption is increasing rapidly. While vending machines still have their place in closed environments, micro markets are a vastly superior alternative because they are easier to access and provide consumers with a multitude of options.

The past few years have seen a massive change in vending services across the globe, with more companies adopting micro markets, corporate cafes and break room services. While regular vending machines and cafes offer tasty food, it may not be the most nutritious. With more and more people taking their health seriously these days, they want high quality, nutritious, fresh food options and this is why businesses should consider adding micro markets.

Micro market vending can ensure employees are well-fed and happy, which will boost their productivity. Believe it or not, food can be a massive point of improvement for many businesses. In most cases, offices lack healthy snacking options, which causes employees to each fast food or junk food. Such foods don’t offer good nutritional value and contain loads of calories, negatively affecting employee health.

Of course, when employees snack on chips, soda and candies every day, they are bound to get sick more often and take leaves of absence. Simply introducing healthy options can significantly reduce absenteeism and boost productivity, making a positive impact on any business.

Micro Markets Improve Employee Satisfaction

People love micro markets, and for a good reason. They offer a multitude of options, decent prices and using them is pretty easy. Business owners who are looking a way to improve employee satisfaction should consider micro markets. Doing so will make employees feel valued and minimize health-related leaves.

One of the best things about introducing a micro market at a workplace is that it allows workers to buy items whenever they please. They will not have to leave the office premises, which means they can eat their meals on time and get back to work without delays. Micro market kiosks are different from regular vending machines as they allow people to pick up, examine and even feel every item before buying it.

Workers snack every day, but more and more people are considering the nutritional value of what they eat and may be willing to pay a bit extra for healthier options. If workers want their snacks to contain local and fresh ingredients, micro markets would be the ideal solution for this request.

Setting them Up Does Not Cost Too Much

The cost to set up micro market kiosks is incredibly low. A competent provider makes sure the kiosks are restocked on time and have security cameras around them. Sure, there are a few other considerations, but they are usually taken care of by the kiosk provider.

Micro markets are the perfect combination of modern technology and traditional markets. They require minimal maintenance and do not cause the same problems that traditional vending machines do, which means you don’t have to worry about paying hundreds of dollars for repairs.

They Promote a Sense of Community among Workers

Food often brings people together. Business leaders who want to promote a sense of camaraderie and team spirit should consider getting micro market kiosks for their workplace. Turning the break room into a gathering space is an excellent way to promote interaction among employees. While this may seem like a small thing, it could help people get to know each other, grow, exchange ideas and even break the ice.

Business employees love to grab a bag of chips and soda and eat at their cubicles. While there is nothing wrong with that, providing them with a gorgeous, sprawling micro market could make them look forward to every working day, which may even boost productivity.

Numbers Don't Lie

A reputable report indicates that the U.S could have around 40,000 micro market locations by the end of 2022, and the number will only increase in the future. This proves that micro markets can positively impact businesses in more ways than one and are definitely worth the investment.