The Largest Event Venues in Richmond, VA

Richmond, Virginia, a city known for its rich history and vibrant culture, also boasts some of the largest and most versatile event venues. Whether you're planning a dream wedding or an important corporate event, these venues offer unique settings and comprehensive facilities to make your event memorable.

Maymont: Richmond wedding venueMaymont

Maymont is a versatile venue offering a range of spaces for different event sizes and types. From the intimate Garden Hall Building and Magnolia Room to the vast Carriage House Lawn and Maymont Farm Lawn, it caters to both small and large gatherings. The Robins Nature Center, with a capacity of 500, and the Westover Historic and Modern areas are ideal for grand weddings and corporate events. The Italian Garden and other outdoor areas like the Blue Atlas Cedar, Tulip Poplar, and Maple Row provide picturesque settings exclusively for weddings​​.



SMVA: Large Richmond event venutScience Museum of Virginia

The Science Museum of Virginia's Rotunda is a unique venue combining history and elegance. This 100+-year-old train station, designed by John Russell Pope, features a five-story dome and a Foucault pendulum, adding a scientific twist to its grandeur. With a capacity of 250 seated guests and starting at $5,000+, it's a perfect venue for cocktail parties, wedding receptions, or corporate events. The architectural marvel and historical significance of the Rotunda guarantee a memorable experience for any event​


Barns of Kanak: Large Richmond event venue popular for weddings

Barns of Kanak

Barns of Kanak is a historical treasure in Richmond, providing a rustic yet elegant setting for your special day. This venue features beautifully restored barns and expansive outdoor spaces that create a charming atmosphere for weddings. For corporate events, the barns offer a unique ambiance that fosters creativity and teamwork.


Main Street Station: Richmond's premiere upscale event venue

Main Street Station

Main Street Station is not just a transportation hub but also a stunning event venue. With its iconic clock tower and exquisite architectural details, it offers a majestic setting for both weddings and corporate events. The grandeur of the main hall, with its high ceilings and elegant decor, makes it a popular choice for large, upscale events.



Richmond Raceway Complex: Large venue suited for conventions and corporate eventsRichmond Raceway Complex

The Richmond Raceway Complex is a sprawling, 1200-acre multipurpose facility, known for hosting a variety of large-scale events. This venue offers immense flexibility with its vast open spaces and multiple indoor facilities. It's an ideal choice for large corporate events, trade shows, and exhibitions. The raceway backdrop adds an exhilarating touch to any event, making it a unique choice for a memorable wedding or corporate gathering​​.

Richmond's event venues cater to a wide range of preferences, whether you seek the charm of rustic barns, the elegance of historic stations, or the excitement of a raceway complex. Each venue offers distinctive features that can bring your event vision to life, ensuring that your special day or corporate function is nothing short of spectacular.