The Perfect Holiday Party

It’s that time of year, when the leaves are changing and falling, the air is starting to bite, and your calendar is filling up with parties. If one of those events is putting you in the spotlight as host or hostess, don’t let the stress get in the way of a fun and fancy affair.

If you’re throwing your bash at home, there are some simple things to consider while planning. If you want to go a step above plastic glasses, check out your local dollar store to fill up on glasses. These can always be stored for future events, or they can go to your local thrift store when you’re done. While there, stock up on tea lights. Candles set the perfect holiday lighting vibe, and by placing them in mason jars, you’re sure to give your party a Virginia twist.  Mason jars are also a much safer option than haphazardly placing candles throughout your home or apartment.

Music can set the tone to any party. If you’re going for a more elegant affair, you might want to set your Pandora to more traditional tunes. Your boss or older parents might not appreciate N*Sync’s holiday musical styling’s. Going for a more laid back vibe? Try a “his and her” holiday station or go old-school with some Rat Pack classics.

Next of course is food! If you want to really make your evening as easy as possible, give us a call and we’ll arrange hors d’ourvres to appease any appetite. Want to DIY it? We’ve found that some staple starters can never steer you wrong. Take your ordinary crudités and spice it up a little. Zucchini, mozzarella and tomato in a light balsamic are a tangy departure from the old carrots and ranch. Bacon-wrapped scallops can be a bit trickier, but it’s safe to say that the consensus is in, and bacon is a winner across the board. Feeling southern? Why not try a more delicate take on Chicken and Waffles; creating bite-sized pieces of each and pairing them together. Virginia ham is a source of state pride. Pile it on thick on slider-sized biscuits.

Whether they want to admit it or not, everyone has a sweet tooth. Our favorites appeal to every indulger. Small fruit tarts are a colorful and tasty addition, especially if you have non-chocolate eaters. A new take on a wintertime favorite are smore’s bites. Get all the taste of the classic without the fire hazard and mess. And cake pops can go a long way. They are easy to nibble on, taste amazing and are decorative in and of themselves.

Want a night off? Whatever the audience or theme of your party, whether its close friends and family, or a more formal affair, keep it simple, but classy. And if you’re in need of other ideas or help with your do, head over to our blog or give us a call to lend a helping hand. 804-868-8900