Did you know that every year, 21% of Americans make it their New Year’s resolution to lose weight or get healthier? While making resolutions is really fun, sticking to them is a little more difficult. The good news? You can maintain a healthy diet while eating catered food. Here at Groovin’, we[...]
Pancakes that resemble the shaded surface of the moon, broken omelettes, soggy French fries...if these kitchen fails have turned to common cuisine in your house, you are not alone. But, you don’t have to pretend that you meant to make scrambled eggs or that you actually enjoy your fries limp for[...]
Colder weather calls for warmer food, and there’s nothing like a steaming hot bowl of homemade soup to heat you up from the inside out. But let’s be honest - few people have time for homemade. By adding these ingredients to store bought soup, you can trick your taste buds, and even your family,[...]