How to Plan a Memorable Holiday Party

Have you gotten into the holiday spirits already? Then it's time to put together a solid plan for one of the most memorable holiday parties of the year. It's finally the time when families, friends, and acquaintances can come together and celebrate the end of a successful year of overcoming trials.

For a holiday party to be memorable, it needs careful planning, brainstorming ideas, and innovations to help everyone have the time of their lives. If you don't know where to start, we're here with a guide for you.

Why Host a Holiday Party?

Considering the amount of effort it requires, planning a holiday party can feel somewhat overwhelming. You may even have doubts and wonder why you must host a party. But your tired spirit is the answer you need.

You see, holidays are meant to rejuvenate and revive your tired energies and spirits. Each year is fraught with challenges and difficulties; some days are happy, and some are tough. It's the same for everyone, although everybody's share of challenges indeed differs.

Holidays are when you can reconnect, revive, unwind and be thankful for making it. Besides, what better way to do all that than with your loved ones? They, too, will share your sentiments and be more than willing to create poignant holiday memories alongside you.

Select a Date

The first task is to select the date and time of your much-anticipated holiday party. Everybody makes plans when the holiday season rolls by, so you'll want to ensure they have your date marked on their calendars at least two months ahead.

We suggest choosing a date at least a week or more before Christmas to avoid travel conflicts. You'd do great to pick early December, Late November, or even Mid-January.


You love attending and hosting parties but not at the cost of breaking the bank, right? Hence, the next step after setting the date is to decide on a budget to work within for the holiday party. If your budget allows you enough room, you could enlist the help of a planner to take care of the details for an extravagant holiday party.

If not, you could narrow your options or plan an after-hours gathering. Potlucks are a great option, too, for holiday parties on a budget. But if nothing holds you back, you could go out and be a lavish host, painting the town red for the holidays.

Type of Party

The beauty of hosting a memorable holiday party is the variety of options. Some of the most popular types of holiday parties are as follows:

  • At-work- this is the easiest and most cost-efficient option. For this holiday party, your team can take a break from work, wrap up early, and collect together to celebrate. You could sponsor snacks, beverages, and even gift exchanges.
  • Formal holiday party- this is a great party option, and it is best to host this one on a Friday or Saturday. There will be plenty of partying and dancing, so you'll want your guests not to worry about work the next day. For a formal holiday party, you will have to rent a venue, decide on a dress code, arrange dinner and choose to make it a casual or black tie.
  • After-hours- this is a no-hassle holiday party option since your team gathers at a nearby spot and lick a bar or a restaurant for the party. This could be a lunch gathering or an early dinner right after work.

What to Serve at Your Party?

And now for the most essential part: nothing beats the drinks you serve, but the food is equally vital to a memorable party. Holidays are all about feasting and celebrating, aren't they?

There are several approaches to deciding the menu for your holiday party, such as a buffet-style dinner or getting into the party spirit with appetizers. Many others prefer the restaurant format, where the guests can sit down and choose their meals from a special menu for your event.

Groovin' Gourmets plenty to please you if you're looking for splendid menu options for your memorable holiday party. Some select choices from our expansive holiday menu are as follows:

Under the Mistletoe - Stationary or Passed Hors d’Oeuvres

  • Grandma’s sausage meatballs
  • Sicilian arancini
  • Andouille sausage and shrimp bite
  • Dill chicken skewer
  • Sweet potato tart

Culinary Displays

  • Under the mistletoe artisan dip display
  • Red-nosed reindeer charcuterie and artisan cheese display

Holiday Bundles

By the Fire

  • Appetizer- grandma’s sausage meatballs or dill chicken skewer

Choice of two entrees from the following:

  • Classic turkey breast
  • Traditional spiral ham
  • Mediterranean-style stuffed collard greens
  • Stuffed honeynut squash

Included in the package:

  • White cheddar mashed potatoes
  • Jingle bell salad
  • Roasted Brussel sprouts
  • Petite rolls

Final Thoughts

At Groovin Gourmets, we have all you need to host the most extravagant, memorable, and deliciously festive holiday party in town.