How to Choose the Right Venue for Your Event

So, you want to host an event?

Whether you are engaged, hosting a meeting, or planning a graduation party, selecting your venue is one of the first steps in the planning process. How do you know what venue is right for your event? Here are a few questions to ask yourself to help select the perfect venue for you!

 What is your budget?

Staying on budget is a very real part of event planning. Determine what you can spend on your entire event then break it down by category. This can help you determine how much you have to spend on your venue and other vendors.

 What is the theme?

For weddings and social events a theme can really help narrow down your venue search. Say you’re going for that great vintage and classic look, you can search for something with character and history to support the theme.

 What is your guest count?

Not all venues work for every event. A venue that holds 15 people versus 200 are very different in atmosphere, price, and setup options. You will want to choose a space that will fit your group appropriately. No one wants to be in a space that is jampacked with people, no matter how beautiful it is.

 When is your event?

The date of your event plays a big part in your planning. Do you want to be outside? Do you want to host your event on Saturday or Wednesday? What time of year are you thinking? The time of year and day of the week can play into your price in a big way. Use the time of year to rule out some venues that may not be appropriate, like a pavilion setting in December. Tip: One way to save money on your event is by choosing the off-season or a different day of the week that may be less popular.

 What amenities do you need?

Think through your event piece by piece. Do you need A/V for a presentation? Do you need the venue to include tables and chairs? Does the building have enough restrooms for your guest count? These are all questions to think about when selecting your space. Every venue is different, some will include more than others. Items that are not included, like tables and chairs, can quickly add to your budget.

 Selecting each of your vendors for an event is important. After sixteen years of working with venues around Richmond, Groovin Gourmet has established great relationships with some of the most beautiful venues. Check out a full list of all the venues that have included Groovin Gourmets as part of their preferred vendors list.