Beautiful Flowers for Your Fall Wedding

Beautiful Flowers for Your Fall Wedding

With the weather cooling down and the leaves changing to beautiful colors, it’s no wonder that this time of year is extremely popular for weddings. With intense reds, deep oranges, and richer, darker colors now in style, seasonal flowers capture these tones and give off comfortable, intimate vibes. We spoke with Kristi Hord from the floral shop Flower Girls, located in Sneed's Nursery, to find out which cool weather flowers she most recommends including into your fall wedding. These five flowers will capture the season's warm, cozy, autumnal state of mind flawlessly.

Antique Hydrangea: These flowers have large, soft, cloud-like blooms, and no two blossoms look alike. With different tones of green, pink, burgundy, and purple, these flowers fit wonderfully into fall color schemes. We love this seasonal bouquet that also incorporates maple leaves and berries.

Mums: As one of the season’s longest lasting cut flower, you can rest assured that these will hold up and look freshly picked throughout your entire wedding day. “Detroit mums, bronze mums, and football mums are all beautiful to work with in the fall,” says Kristi. Like hydrangeas, these flowers come in many shades, making them an easy, versatile bloom to incorporate into your wedding. This bouquet, which utilizes a stunning deep red variety, would be gorgeous for this time of year.

Dahlias: These large, bushy flowers are sure to make a statement on your big day, and since they come in extremely rich, deep tones (as well as lighter ones), they’re wonderful for more intense color schemes. Kristi especially loves to work with the dark chocolate and burgundy, as seen in this bouquet, for autumn weddings. Being that the chocolate ones include extremely deep reds and near black tones, they’re fabulous for winter nuptials as well.

Bittersweet: This fast growing, perennial vine yields gorgeous bright orange and red berries, so they’re practically made for fall arrangements. They’re beautiful by themselves, but including them into bouquets can add lovely variety and height. “It’s my personal favorite - I see bittersweet as the epitome of fall.” The bittersweet berries in this warm bouquet add charming movement and visual interest.

Ranunculus: With multiple layers of paper thin petals, these flowers elegantly capture the inherent romance of weddings in general. Kristi especially loves the deep orange and gemstone colors for this season, although other deep tones make for beautiful bouquets as well, like this bouquet that incorporates gorgeous yellow hues.

Whether you use these flowers in your centerpieces, in arrangements to decorate your ceremonial space, or in your bouquet, they’ll surely add the autumnal warmth and charm you’re looking for.