Staycation at Linden Row Inn

This article was originally published by Katie Brown on her blog Real Food with Gratitude.

First and foremost, changing the scenery or switching things up a bit is something I think is great for personal growth, relationships and overall just a mental reset! Every once in a while, I love to get out of my normal scenery for just a bit and take an adventure. Whether it's just down the street or a few hours away, it’s always exciting.

For my first “staycation” experience, I chose to visit the historic Linden Row Inn boutique hotel in downtown Richmond, Virginia. For one, I love boutique hotels and secondly, I loved staying downtown when I was a little girl and being able to explore than just walk home!

Linden Row is historic, urban and classic and but also has all the modern amenities you would need during your stay. From a historic perspective, it sure packs a punch, as the hotel is the same house Edgar Allan Poe used to play when he was a child! The Inn fits very well into Richmond, as the city is also historic but has slowly turned more modern.

We stayed in two of the seven Parlor Suites. The rooms are extremely spacious with 12’ ceilings, a very large king bed, an elegant but modern sofa, inactive fireplace, a large bay window, and a very cool large gold mirror to tie the room together. As we walk to our suite room, we pass the garden rooms through the courtyard which is lined with garden lights over the interior outside patio and the main rooms which look adorable as well.

One of the best things about The Linden Row, especially for a staycation, it has the ability to whisk you away in time, which no doubt, is the reason for a staycation!

Both nights, we dined at the local restaurant connected to the hotel, Parterre. Parterre is very quaint offering great cocktails and craft beers with a wine selection at their modern bar. We had a quiet table for 2 in the corner, on our first night. It made for a perfect date night spot! We enjoyed their homemade pasta and short ribs!!

If you are looking to get out of town or just go downtown for the night… the Linden Row Inn is a great choice, you sure will feel welcomed!